Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She is the Best… And She is still my Princess!

It had been way too long since i last talked to my Princess. It was sometimes difficult to get hold of Her and i must admit i had strayed … but Sunday night was once again a night that was truly magical! And that is because Princess is truly magical! She can be around for awhile blogging for several days in a row taking calls and then can poof… She is gone! Off doing all of those things a Princess needs to do (like getting physical therapy!).
Well this blog is certainly a testimonial to how much i have loved Her over the years, but as you can see it has been some time since i posted anything. That is because it has also been some time since i called Her, and i really only have my sissy self to blame for that!
Not only is Princess magical… She is absolutely beautiful too! And for any of you who have had the pleasure of calling Her (or even just to listen to Her MP3’s) you know She has a voice like no other! It was that voice and that beauty and that magic that fortunately called me back to Her on Sunday. And Princess was just as wonderful as She has ever been!
Now i can’t post all that we talked about, but i am so happy to see that some of the little things i love about Her haven’t changed… like the way She just can’t say the “tt” in kitten! i don’t know why i think that is so cute but it is so Princess! And even after so many months away from Her sweet embrace, She still remembered how to push all the right buttons (or should i say bu_uns). And i am happy to say i still was able to give out the sissy girlie moan Princess so loves to hear at the end of our calls… at least at the end of the ones where She does let me cum!
Now She didn’t make me beg this time, no we had so much to get caught up on and what not (another one of my favorite Princes phrases), but i have this feeling that the next time we chat i will probably find myself saying that word for Her again … “Anything”(Her favorite word to hear!) i think the fact that i am listening to Hiccup as i write this is a pretty good indication that i am once again caught in Her spell. But i am not sure i want to hear those other words… “awww poor baby”. Awww heck, who am i kidding, i would love to hear my Princess say that wouldn’t i!
So i have to thank my Princess for being so sweet to Her pet once again (Oh Fuck!… Hiccup is sooooo naughty…. Really naughty! Making it “hard” to write this!) and let Her know that i am and always will be Her obedient pet!
Okay that’s it… signing out! But just know Princess… i will be signing back in soon! And of course wishing You a Happy Birthday in just a few days!
XOXOX…. Your pet!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Anniversary with Princess Grace

Our First Anniversary

July 5th, 2008

Hard to believe it was a year ago that i opened that package from Princess to find my very own special pink collar that i was to wear for Her to show that i was Her pet. A lot has happened in that year! When i was driving to the post office to get my package then, the price of gas was under $2.00 a gallon. Now it is approaching $5.00! Thank goodness MsAlly isn’t a part of OPEC or who knows how much a call might be today!

In honor of our Anniversary i have once again decided to write a poem, this time in memory of my first year being collared by my sweet Princess Grace.

A Year with Princess

The year started out with Princess Grace

Finding the softer side of Her sissy pet.

There were stockings, high heels and pedicures,

But still there were no cummies yet.

As i shaved my legs under candle glow,

With Hello Kitty near by.

i almost started a fire that night,

When flames nearly reached to the sky.

And building the castle for my Princess fair,

It seemed like the most fun of all.

But why did i build a dungeon for Her,

So She could chain Her pet to the wall?

Well i got back at Her for that,

Since turnabout is fair play.

i locked Princess in my dusty old attic,

And threw the damn key far away!

Though when it came to locks this year,

After days in my cock cage hoping maybe.

Begging and pleading for Her kind release,

All i would hear is “Awww, poor baby”

And let’s not forget Princess’s favorite game,

In Vegas, N’ Orleans and DC.

For with Her pet safely caged up you know,

It was time for a lap dance or three!

There were run ins with creatures like HulkyBear,

But nothing comes close for this year,

To the one night when our sweet Princess Grace

Ran over Bambi the deer!

i must thank my friends for being such fun,

And i am sure i will leave out a few,

There’s Lucky, BillyBear and Tonydshrimp,

Shy aisa and of course Bankyboo.

And all the other friends of mine,

Who hang out in kink cyber space.

O’ i almost forgot, so i’ll say it right here,

Hurry up and get well old friend Ace.

But i must give special thanks this day

To my sweet friend jemmie dear.

Who has been wonderful in helping her sis

Get over some hurdles this year.

This whole Anniversary though, is not about me

For without You my sweet Princess Grace.

i would not have a pink collar to wear

And would never have known that cute face.

But it’s more than a face and a body so hot,

And that voice with a giggle or two.

No, what makes this day so special for me,

Is i belong Princess, to You.

Happy Anniversary Princess!

Your adoring pet… pantysue

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Size Matters!

Princess decided that i might look cute in one of these…

“OMG those are hot. Can you just think of looking down and seeing those nipples poking through the thin fabric of a nighty. ::Giggles::”

But She wasn’t sure what size…

“What size should you have. lol Cute perky, or full heavy breasts. lol”

So we need some help selecting from this list:


SIZE # 5 is about a B cup on an average body,
SIZE # 7 is about a C cup on an average body,
SIZE # 9 is about a full D cup on an average body,
SIZE # 11/12 is about a full DD cup on an average body.

Please leave your comments to help Princess decide…

Thursday, May 8, 2008

An Apology to Princess


Her Pets

How quickly the tables can turn! Just when i thought i had Princess all to myself i now find that i am all locked away and once again a mere plaything for Princess’s amusement. So at Her insistence, i am writing this APOLOGY to those countless Princess worshipers for whom the month of April was so cruel, as it was only my jealous greed that kept Her away from you.

For those of you who don’t believe what Princess posted in Her blog…

“pantysue had Me trapped away. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? The one who was saying over and over again where has She gone, was the one who locked Me away. she wanted Me all to herself. Go figure. I know, I am shocked Myself.”

... it is all true! Princess is making me show you this picture i took so you will see what She had to endure those many days and nights in my attic...

Well now that She is free again, She has taken firm control of this unruly pet and claimed my cock again as Hers. And Princess has taken me back to Her castle with Her and shackled me to make sure that i have no choice but to obey Her every command this time. So for those of you who always think of Ms Grace as that sweet soft girl next door, i can assure you, you don’t want to get on Her bad side! i mean all i did was lock Her away for 4 short weeks in my attic with no phone and no computer ! Is that is a reason for Her to take me across Her lap like this?

So once again, i do so want to apologize to all of Princess’s pets for what i did! i know you were all worried about Her. Jem and Lucky… i can certainly understand if you never speak to me again! And so now i have all of this time to think about the evil things i have done to Princess and to all of you as She makes me clean the Castle floors.

i can only imagine the torment that Princess will have waiting for me when She sends me on that trip next week! And i am sure She will have me blog about it so you will all know the punishment that will most assuredly continue for what i did to our beloved Princess…

Monday, May 5, 2008

Princess's back!

Princess’s Back!
It makes me so happy to be writing this entry!

Yes that is a picture of Princess’s back and after 4 long weeks of MsGrace having to attend to some outside matters my Princess is back! She graced us with Her presence in Tease Time last night and at Billy Bear’s suggestion, i happily changed my name from pantysue_Looking4PrincessGrace back to where it should have been all along, pantysue_CollaredbyPrincessGrace. And i was fortunate to even have the chance to talk to my Princess after Tease Time. It was wonderful after all these weeks to hear that giggle again and there is no nicer feeling than knowing I am one of Her pets!

And I do have to extend my personal thanks to my support group, my sis jemmie who at long last is free (at least for right now) and MsAmanda who was always reassuring me! i wouldn’t have made it without their support!

i know that Princess is still taking care of some things and won’t be able to be back fully to Her royal Princessness for a while, but even just a little Princess is certainly better than anything else i can think of! In the meantime i can always look at Her pretty picture and know that Princess is truly back!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Princess that i Know...

i don’t know how many people actually ever read my blog, but i wanted to take this opportunity to use it to tell anyone willing to read this about the Princess that i know.

i am sure like some of you did too, i went through my typical Princess withdrawals as our beloved MsGrace was away and i sure as well that you all missed Tease Time too last week after having so much fun hearing Her captivating voice and those Princess :::giggles::: on talkshoe the week before. But even though i sometimes wish She were a Fairy Tale Princess and in some magical way could always be there for me i have to understand that She is only human. The most beautiful figure of a human i know, but still only human!

There is only one, but this Princess is one in a million!

And you see Princess Grace is also the sweetest most caring person i know. While that is a part of what endears Her to me it is also what sometimes makes it difficult for Her to be available for each and any of us as much as we would like. Just look at how many of us voted for MsGrace in the Mistress of the Year Contest as not only the Sexiest, but the Friendliest and yes… the MOST HELPFUL!!! i am certain that just about every one of those adoring pets can’t get enough of their Friendly, Sexy, Helpful Princess.

But to understand how kind and truly helpful the Princess that i know is to us, just look at all the things She does for us… Even Bambi can’t keep Her from making Tease Time every Thursday… And all of those MP3’s She has made for us to allow us to hear some of the most salacious stories told as only Princess can… And what about those pictures She shares with us. Even when Princess is away, She can be right there with us! Eliot Spitzer will never know what he was missing!

These are the things i constantly have to remind myself of, because the Princess i know loves each and every one of Her many pets. And while the true number of adoring pets may never be known, it is trueeeeeeeeee that there is only one Princess… one sweet, adorable, charming, caring, perfect Princess!

And who isn’t just charmed to pieces every time they get to talk to this sweet Princess?

So the pledge i am making to my Princess here in my blog is that instead of getting my panties all in a bunch next time Princess is enjoying time with another of Her pets or just being a down to earth real life woman doing things like bowling, i am going to remember how much She cares for all of us and how that pet or that Hello Kitty bowling ball deserves its time with Princess too. And when it is my time to be Graced with a call to Princess, i will remember how fortunate i am that She does care so much for this little sissy pet of Hers too!

Thank You for being my Princess… our Princess and… THE PRINCESS!

Your adoring pet… pantysue!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Starting to Snap…....

Day 7… Princess, thank You so much for the picture of You. You are so right…It really helps to take my mind off being locked away when i stare at pictures like this and listen to Your MP3’s!

And Princess, here is the photo of Your little prisoner to prove once again that i am Your obedient pet:

You see Princess is having me email Her every morning with a picture of my locked cage showing the keyholder number and the dateline from that morning’s USA Today to make sure that i am not sneaking in a stroke or two on Her.

This is day 7 of who knows how many. But those of you who know this wonderful Princess know how much She tries to make Her pets comfortable in difficult situations like this. In fact last night She told me to relax and watch a movie She thought i would enjoy. You were right Princess, “Owned & Opened” is my type of chick film!

And the night before last Princess took me on a virtual shopping trip. Nothing like wandering through cyberspace with Princess picking out pretty bras and panties She likes when all the while that darn cage just seems to keep shrinking as you look at those gorgeous lingerie models. Princess had so many ideas of what She thought i would look cute in, but it was so sweet of Her to actually suggest we get Hers and he(rs) chemises for Valentines Day. How adorable is this? Yours should be cumming soon Princess, even though i prolly won't!

Although i am beginning to near the breaking point, i know that things will be a little easier tonight… Princess wanted me to do something special for myself for being such a good little pet for these seven days, so She said She thinks i deserve to get a lap dance tonight!

Sure Princess… that’ll help!!!!!!