Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She is the Best… And She is still my Princess!

It had been way too long since i last talked to my Princess. It was sometimes difficult to get hold of Her and i must admit i had strayed … but Sunday night was once again a night that was truly magical! And that is because Princess is truly magical! She can be around for awhile blogging for several days in a row taking calls and then can poof… She is gone! Off doing all of those things a Princess needs to do (like getting physical therapy!).
Well this blog is certainly a testimonial to how much i have loved Her over the years, but as you can see it has been some time since i posted anything. That is because it has also been some time since i called Her, and i really only have my sissy self to blame for that!
Not only is Princess magical… She is absolutely beautiful too! And for any of you who have had the pleasure of calling Her (or even just to listen to Her MP3’s) you know She has a voice like no other! It was that voice and that beauty and that magic that fortunately called me back to Her on Sunday. And Princess was just as wonderful as She has ever been!
Now i can’t post all that we talked about, but i am so happy to see that some of the little things i love about Her haven’t changed… like the way She just can’t say the “tt” in kitten! i don’t know why i think that is so cute but it is so Princess! And even after so many months away from Her sweet embrace, She still remembered how to push all the right buttons (or should i say bu_uns). And i am happy to say i still was able to give out the sissy girlie moan Princess so loves to hear at the end of our calls… at least at the end of the ones where She does let me cum!
Now She didn’t make me beg this time, no we had so much to get caught up on and what not (another one of my favorite Princes phrases), but i have this feeling that the next time we chat i will probably find myself saying that word for Her again … “Anything”(Her favorite word to hear!) i think the fact that i am listening to Hiccup as i write this is a pretty good indication that i am once again caught in Her spell. But i am not sure i want to hear those other words… “awww poor baby”. Awww heck, who am i kidding, i would love to hear my Princess say that wouldn’t i!
So i have to thank my Princess for being so sweet to Her pet once again (Oh Fuck!… Hiccup is sooooo naughty…. Really naughty! Making it “hard” to write this!) and let Her know that i am and always will be Her obedient pet!
Okay that’s it… signing out! But just know Princess… i will be signing back in soon! And of course wishing You a Happy Birthday in just a few days!
XOXOX…. Your pet!

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